Lisa Nichols

Q: What is the most fascinating thing you’ve researched?

A: Neuroplasticity—the power of the mind to change the brain and how the power of thinking a thought or thinking of an experience is so intense that you literally shift and expand your brain. 

A Harvard professor did a study where they had two groups practice a five-finger piano exercise. They practiced every day. One group practiced on a piano, and the other group imagined in their head that they were playing. At the end of the test, both groups’ brains had expanded in their motor cortex area. You couldn’t make a distinction to who was playing the piano and who was thinking of playing the piano.

That is just fascinating to me. And it’s why you should be mindful of the stories that you choose to keep reliving in your head and the stories you tell yourself, because you are literally rewiring your brain. 

Something else that fascinates me is cognitive dissonance. It’s when your mind will move heaven and earth to resolve conflict between your actual circumstance and the pictures in your head. It’s the act of disrupting your mind by thinking outside your comfort zone. It’s what pushes you to chase after a better reality.

So if you are living in scarcity and you have no money but you keep thinking about an abundant life, an abundant life, an abundant life, your mind is creating a mental disruption in your head. Your mind is having a thought that doesn’t agree with your reality—and it will begin to work to make your reality match your mindset.  

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