Why depression is NOT a disease

Depression or anxiety is a way to fill an emotional need. It is a state of being but its not a disease and this is what Ive been saying this whole time. 
If we keep seeing it as a disease we take away the power from ourselves to actually do something about it. Cause how can we change something we think is bigger than ourselves?

Do you have your shit together on the inside?

As children we literally scream after intimacy and affection. As adults we have learned how to stop screaming but the need remains.
More people than ever live alone today. We are supposed to handle everything ourselves and asking for help is weakness. We are supposed to have our shit together before we turn 25. An apartement, a car, a partner, a good stabil job.
A lot of people manage to make that life work but how many of us really have our shit together? How many of us have our shit together on the inside?
We are all just pretending that we do. And while we all pretend mental illness increases every year. We might have it figured out according to the norm of society but we still feel lonely and unfullfilled. We feel alone even when we are with someone. 
We have stopped taking care of each other and instead of reaching out to others we isolate ourselves. We as humans need intimate and longlasting relationships to feel good but nobody taught us how to create that. And then we wonder why the suicide rate goes up? 
Many of us suffer from longterm stress. It starts with a feeling that something is always scratching on the inside. But we ignore it. Eventually our bodies try to warn us. Headaches, low energy, backpain, among other things. We don't even listen to our bodies that are with us 24/7 cause we think its a passing thing. And then we crash into a hole so dark that we can't get up. We are literally willing to crash before listening to our own internal state of being!  We make the outside world more important than our internal world and thats where the problem starts. 
There are millionairs going to monks trying to learn how to connect to themselves, the opposite never happens.
Think about that.
1. I truly belive we need to teach people how to create mental health. We know that to maintain physical health we need to work out and the same goes for having a high selfesteem. The problem is we don't have any routines for maintaing our selfesteem and so it never really sticks. Instead, we put people on pills to deal with the problem which is the same as taking steroids to build muscles. Its fake. 
2. We are afraid to create true intimacy with other people. We are afraid of getting vunlerable and be real with each other, which leads to that a lot of us dont feel loved for who we really are. And then we feel lonely. We are too scared. Too scared to depend on each other even tho we are made for exactly that.
We don't say what we really feel, we don't communicate our needs, instead we try to meet all of our needs ourselves and when that doesnt work we feel worthless.
More focus should be on teaching how to create longlasting healthy relationsships with each other.