Are you personally enlightened?

Are you personally enlightened?
Life is a series of moments. So it depends on which moment you catch me. Some moments I behave in an illumined manner, with clarity and compassion; other times, less so. If you observed my day-to-day life, you would likely find qualities that reflect a certain maturity, discipline, and balance. I have not mastered all that I teach, but I sincerely practice and do my best to teach by example.
My wife and (now-grown) children don’t view me as a teacher, but as a husband and father, respectively. I have my quirks and human foibles, which they point out with regularity (having become my ongoing teachers). We cannot truly know anyone else’s degree of spiritual maturity except by observing how they live, moment to moment.
-Dan Millman
Tyckte det här var så fint och så sant.
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