Does your anxiety scare you?

As you all probably know by now I had anxiety and panic attacks for about 2 years (If you read older posts I write a lot about anxiety.) And basically this blog is mostly about how to overcome it. However I think im going to start being more personal here and mix it up a little, maybe share more about what I have been through, my thoughts, feelings and hopefully help someone else in the process. This blog was never ment to be a lifestyle blog where I post what I had for lunch or todays outfit. There's enough of that out there don't you think? I want to write about things that matter and I have felt for so long that I have so much to say but I just sit here and keep it to myself. 
It has been about a year and a half now since my anxiety stopped controlling my life on a daily basis. Sometimes it pays a little visit but I have learned not to panic about it. Usually it comes in periods when I stress too much or when I havent lived according to my own values. You see, if you follow the things in life that makes you feel good and if you live after your values its impossible to feel anxiety. If you break it down anxiety is fear and you cant reach those feelings of fear if you feel releif or gratidude. It is not a vibrational match. So everytime I feel it now I just stop and ask myself:
In what way am I not living according to my values right now?
Am I violating any of my own boundaries? 
Am I doing something that I don't really want to do?
What am I focusing on that gives me stress or that takes my energy?
What do I need to do differently?
And then I set my priorities straight!
Anxiety is not your enemy. Thats the first lesson you need to learn so that you can accept it instead of fighting it. Whatever you resist persists. Its just here to give you a wake up call and remind you of what's really important in life so that you can stop doing whatever gave you anxiety in the first place. 
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