The way back to myself

Truth to be told I often feel lost. Who am I? What the hell am I doing with my life? What do I want? 
Just writing this is very vulnerable to me becasue most people wouldnt admit that they feel this way. But see im trying this new thing to be brave for real cause im tired of being afraid. 
I reflect on these questions a lot, I go over it in my mind and I try to come up with the most accurate answer. Even when I have found something that makes sense to me in a logic way it still wasnt the answer I was looking for. Why?
Cause truth needs to be felt. Tony Robbins says that, ''the mind over analyze and the heart has the answer.'' 
Your feelings will tell you more about who you are than your mind ever could. 
I have come to learn that if you feel lost, the way back to yourself is anything you can do, say and think that feels authentic to you. And Its the curage to be HONEST about all of it. 
Believe me that's not easy, its scary and I struggle with this. If you put your true feelings, values and opinions out there you risk being judged and you risk rejection. (But only from the wrong people.) 
Fitting in is NOT belonging. 
So everything that isnt you has to go. No more adapting. No more people pleasing, no more being quite when you dont agree, no more not standing up for yourself when someone treats you wrong, no more pretending. And most importantly: communicate! communicate you thoughts, feelings, and needs to other people. Cause not only will you be true to them, but you will be true to yourself. Honesty = authenticity.
Find the curage to be yourself and you will never be lost again.