Theres nothing better than getting away for a few days just to get a little change in enviroment. Not only does it get you out of your comfort zone but it also fills you with new energy as you get exposed to new impressions.
The first day we went to a restaurant called Tallers on calle de los talleres for drinks and tapas. The street was also filled with a lot of second hand stores which i went crazy over.
In the evening we went to bar Marsella from the 1820s. I asked the bartender and nothing has been changed in there except for a few things behind the bar since then.
By far one of the coolest places I've ever been too! Both Picasso and Hemingway were frequent visitors here back in the days which made it even cooler.
The bar is also famous for their absinthe and that they filmed a scene from one of my favorite Movies ''Vicky Christina Barcelona'' in there. So you can imagine my excitement over this Place. Without a doubt one of the best parts about this trip! If it was in the Malaga area I would probably live there on the weekends.
Really nice enviroment and good energy.
The skirt is from one of the second hand stores!
On sunday we went to Parc de la Ciutadella to stroll around and look at some sculptures. This one was designed  by Josep Fontsere and to a small extent by Gaudi who was still just an unknown student at the time. I love to marvel at things like this! 
We also went to the Picasso museum but sadly I wasnt allowed to take pictures.

After that we had ceviche for lunch.

Followed by a visit to la sagrada familia
We never went inside cause there was so many tourists and I had too much PMS to handle that so you have to settle for a pic from pinterest.
Thanks Barcelona for this time!