Anxiety is an emotional addiction

Did you know that what makes it so hard to overcome anxiety is because It's an addiction?
We all agree on that you can be addicted to a drug like heroin, but not everyone knows that there is also a thing an called emotional addiction. (An example of that is being addicted to gambling.)
When it comes to anxiety, your body is literally addicted to the stress chemicals that is produced and wants them to keep coming.
We become very addicted to the adrenalin and stress hormones. So if the hormones of stress become like a drug, and you can turn on the stress response by thought alone then we could become addicted to our own thoughts.
Dr Joe Dispenza who is a neuro scientist says that;
''There's a lot of reserach that shows that stress can make us sick and that we can turn on that stress response by thought alone. So if our thoughts can make us sick, can they also make us well?''
And the answer is yes.
So if you are with me on the fact that we can be addicted to our own thoughts, what happens then if you have anxiety and you try to change? Just like an addict, the moment you are no longer thinking the same thoughts that make certain chemicals for you to feel a certain way (anxiety) what is your body gonna do? Its gonna say, Hey brain! im counting on those chemicals are you just gonna stop now? Its gonna send signals back to the brain and try to convince you to stay in you old state of being. 
The hardest part about change is not making the same choices as you did the day before. 
If you keep on sending the same signals and think and feel the same way nothing will change. You will keep on being addicted to your anxiety. We cant create a new future by holding on to the emotions in the past.
Therefore, anything you can do, be or think that will break the pattern is gonna help you get into antoher state of being. 
Those stress hormones make us feel separate from possibility. Why? Because when you are living in survival mode its not time to create, its not time to trust, its not time to learn, its time for emergency. We become materialistic and selfish and our outside world become more important than our inside world.
Often you have to get to the point where you have a chrisis so that you can ask yourself some bigger questions than how to become rich or how to make everyone like you.
Like who am I?
What is a greater expression of myself? 
What would I have to change to feel better?
What would I do if I didnt have anxiety?
The mere process of thinking about who you are gonna be (instead of someone with anxiety) begins to change the brain. So what do you think will happen if you practice this a little bit every day and get clear on it? It will slowly move you into a new state of being, and you will stop being addicted to the stress chemicals that creates your anxiety.