We sure put a lot of limitations on ourselves and others.
So many times have I heard:
''You will never truly get rid of your anxiety''.
Or people that say: 
''People who has an addictive personality will always be addicts''
Is that true?
Can we absolutely know that its true?
Or is it only true as long as we keep identifying with it?
Have you noticed that the people who say that you can't do something are the ones that havent done it?
It says nothing about you and everything about them. They project upon you their own limitations and their on truth.
That's also why I find it a bit disturbing when people who still suffer from anxiety writes books and give tips on how to get over it.
Isnt that as stupid as asking a fuckboy for relationship advice?
If I had listened to everyone that told me I was sick and that I would have to live with my anxiety for the rest of my life I would not be here today on the other side. I refused to accept that as a truth. I have a friend who suffered from an eating dissorder who was told she would never have a truly healthy relationship to food again and now she has an even healthier one than before she got the dissorder.
So are we really limited or are we infinite?
Id say we don't have any limitations we are just addicted to them.
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