Where does anxiety come from?

There's not really one quick answer to this question, but if I had to give one based on my own experience and working with others it would be;
- Anxiety comes from sacrificing your authenticity for acceptance and approval from other people. 
And we do this in different ways. We do it by creating a perfect facade that we not only show off on social media but also try to live by in real life. We do it by not setting any boundaries towards other people cause we are afraid we will loose them if we do. We do it by negotiating our value with others and put it in their hands. ''If they think, say or treat me like im not good enough then that must be true!''
All of this and more creates an inner conflict that eventually turns into stress, anxiety and in some cases panic attacks. Being authentic means being real, vulnerable and honest about who you are. It means being imperfect and own it. To me that is living your life wholeheartedly. When we are too scared to do this we instead numb ourselves with food, sex, alcohol, work, or something else to keep us from feeling. 
Problem is that all feelings wants to be felt. Anxiety is fear, fear is energy and energy cant be destroyed only transformed into another form. So ignoring or numbing your anxiety wont help. It will keep showing up until you accept it completely, and the only way to do that is to completely accept yourself. 
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